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History (આપણો ઇતિહાસ)

Some 400 years ago, either In search of a better livelihood or for other social reasons, various Families migrated from certain pads Of Gujarat and settled In about nine villages In the district of Surat and Broach.

The villages are DUNGRI JITALI, KAPODRA KATHODRA KONDH, MANGROL, NAROLI, TADKESHWAR AND VASARAVI. No one really knows when or how the term MOTA DESIA originated and why it should refer to the families. It is not clear whether It related to the area of settlement or where the migrants came from. It has been suggested that the local inhabitants of the villages popularity referred to the new settlers as ''MOTA DESIA'' IN VIEW OF THEM COMING FROM THE LARGER PART OF SOUTHERN SURAT AND BULSAR DISTRICTS.

The famines quickly assimilated Into their new surroundings and became landowners and farmers. By a process of existing relationships and intermarriages family ties consolidated thereby Increasing the overall number of families.

The families commenced to play an Increasingly influential and leading role In the welfare of their villages by setting up Jamats to establish community projects.

There was undoubted a degree of nepotism involved to flourish In an attempt to develop and maintain unity in the entire community and not only amongst the families concerned.

With the passing of time and as farming the land became more difficult, members of the families migrated to Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, South Africa and Reunion where they started businesses. As these businesses grew other families were Invited over whenever circumstances permitted.

Through out their period of migration and Settlement the links to the original� villages were strongly maintained. Much of the development of the villages was made possible by the financial assistance received from abroad.

In the 196O's the families living In Central and Southern Africa together with those residing in Mumbai and the villages embarked on various projects such as the Musafirkhana to keep the spirit of unity alive for the benefit of all Sunny Vohra Muslims.

During more recent years members of the families have settled In the USA, CANADA, U.K. AND ELSEWHERE.

Maintaining global contact of the families to ensure that the present and future generations continue to enjoy an Islamic community spirit is of paramount importance. This, however, requires the support and cooperation of the families In their respective countries or cities, or towns and villages to form local association to meet the requirements. This will facilitate lnshallah, communication on an International level.

This must be seen only as a simple and convenient means to achieve a much wider goal, that of uniting all communities in which ever country we live around the world.